Geared toward 3-4-year-olds, this class is an introduction to ballet and tap, infused with creative movement and gross motor development activities. A perfect class for the beginner or first timer. Classes are held in 45-minute increments. Classes may include a group stretch, barre work, center floor technique and creative movement. Note: The Spring Session will include a dance routine and the opportunity to perform in the spring recital. (1 costume)

Class Name: Petite Pointers
Enrollment Age: ages 3-4
Program Duration: 12 weeks
Location of Class: New Prague & Lonsdale
Attire for Class: Fitted dance attire such as tights, leotard, tutu, leggings, fitted tank top. Color preference is pink and black, though not required.
Expectations: Potty trained (or parents nearby)
Shoe Requirements: Pink Ballet and Black Tap Shoes as defined by current year requirements.
Class Fees: Registration fee - To ensure your spot as classes fill up quickly, a $35 registration fee for 1st child ($30 for each additional child in the family) is charged each season. Each dancer will receive a TTPDA t-shirt or tank top.
Costume: Costume fee: Applies only to Spring session. $90 fee if participating in recital.
1 costume (Spring Session Only)

Number of Dances: One
Recital: Optional

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