Acro Dance - Beginner

Acrobatic Dance is the beautiful fusion of classic dance technique and the precision and athleticism of acrobatic elements. Beginner Acro dancers will work on flexibility, balance, and tumbling as well as right and left cartwheels, hand stand to bridge, back bends, kick overs, and basic jazz skills.
Enrollment Age: Ages 6-18
Program Duration: 9-months
Location of Class: New Prague
Attire for Class: Fitted dance attire such as tights, leotard, leggings, fitted tank top. Color preference is pink and black, though not required.
Shoe Requirements: None
Class Fees: Registration fee: $35 registration fee for 1st child, $30 for each additional child in the family per season. Each dancer will receive a TTPDA apparel item. Monthly tuition: 9-month tuition schedule. Please register online for further details.
Costume Fee: $90
Number of Costumes: One
Number of Dances: One
Recital: Strongly encouraged