Hats off to you three ladies! Your business of over a year has blossomed! My decision to send my daughter to TTPDA was without doubt, a great choice! As a client, I appreciate your understanding to any matters and/or questions I have… with a timely response! You truly make me feel like I am heard when you are open for any feedback, which makes it feel like a partnership. TTPDA is ‘family oriented’ with professionalism and conduct you expect from a business; you have certainly proven that in your first year! Both studios offer a clean environment for all, whether you’re the dancer or the parent who watches their child. Your instructors are superb! They are highly respected because they give dancers that respect back along with choices, encouragement and correct discipline. I have participated and volunteered at some events this past year and you can see firsthand how much they are admired. And speaking of events, from a parade, to the Winter Show, to the Recital, TTPDA is very organized and outstanding in such planning! I would like to thank you ladies for all you have done. You should be proud of such an honorable dance business!
I was excited for my 4 year old daughter to start dance classes, and I am so happy we chose To The Pointe!. I called the day classes started to sign her up, and they were so helpful; they answered all my "first-time dance mom" questions. My daughter is having a wonderful time, and it's so rewarding to see her learning to dance.
We really are extremely happy with your company! We are extremely impressed with the level of professionalism within To The Pointe! Dance Academy. We have experienced communication that is timely and informative, clean dance studios, teachers that are accessible, and above all a love of dance that has been exemplified for our daughter.
Our daughter LOVES dancing with To The Pointe! She comes home eager to show us what she has learned in class. She has great things to say about her instructors too! I can not say enough wonderful words to describe To the Pointe Dance Academy. This is my daughters first year at To The Pointe and Abby has so much fun at dance and really likes Mrs. Katherine. Not only does Abby get a great dance experience, but she learned compassion and caring through To the Pointe. It is much more than a just a "Dance Studio" it has become our family. ​The dancers all did a fabulous job. I love that To The Pointe! Dance Academy is giving our dancers the opportunity to build their confidents in front of family and friends before going on stage to perform in front of people they do not know. The teachers are absolutely fabulous and I thank them for all their time and hard work to teach our children the gift of dance.
We love To The Pointe! Dance Academy! The owners are awesome and super easy to work with. They make sure to reach out to the community and try to involve all the dancers in fun and different activities. The teachers are knowledgeable and very creative in their choreographing. My daughter has been in dance for 9 years and I definitely recommend To The Pointe! to anyone looking to put their child in dance! ​We love being a part of the To The Pointe! dance family! My daughter started dancing two years ago and has learned so much from the amazing group of teachers. She loves it and I can see how much she's grown...not only in her dance, but in her confidence and leadership as well! Looking forward to many more years of dance with To The Pointe! Dance Academy!

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