​Looking forward to a fun weekend! Thanks for all you guys do to make TTPDA such a great studio! I just wanted to thank you ALL for your support this weekend. When Ali lost her tap shoe during the performance, I cried. She loves tap and it was not her best moment until the next step happened. She went on…and on and on. I was the proudest mom in that entire convention center. And what happened after that was simply amazing. ALL the TTPDA rallied around her and gave high fives, hugs and words of encouragement. She could not believe it. She thought people would be mad at her, she was so wrong. She kept her composure but when we got in the car, she cried and cried and cried. I think the tears were mixed emotions, she was proud of herself and just did not know how to express it. Please say a BIG thank you to all of the other dancers as they showed TRUE sportsmanship and compassion for a little girl who just loves to dance. Pat yourselves on the back for what you ALL are teaching our young girls.
The thing I noticed most this year is the excitement level. The first week of classes girls were ready to look learn their routines, and go to competition. My daughter loves dancing for ttpda. She would be at class 7 days a week if she was allowed. She likes that there is chances to try out new types of dance thru out the year. It's also nice to see all of the girls being supportive of each other. It's like everyone is a big family from the owners all the way down to the youngest girls. The communication, and sense of community that goes with the dance company is huge. We have two of our daughters in "To the Pointe Dance Academy" and we love it. This studio is owned by very dedicated, caring women who hire amazing and talented teachers who all strive for excellence. They all truly care about their students and work on building confidence in each child. Not only are my daughters learning dance skills they are involved in the many service projects this studio offers as well which builds character too. The mentoree progam is one of these. "To the Pointe" dance company is more than a dance studio... it is like a family.
"Our daughter looks forward to coming to dance each week. Not only has she gained poise and confidence, but has met lifelong friends in the process. We highly recommend to anyone looking for a dance studio to look no further than To the Pointe Dance Academy." ​ I just can't say enough good things about TTPDA! From the moment we signed up with TTPDA, we have felt nothing short of being part of an amazing group. The passion each one of the owners has for not only the dance company but for each one of its members radiates through in everything they do!
​As a dance parent, I have found TTPDA to be a very friendly and well-organized dance studio that offers a multitude of classes in a positive, nurturing, and family-friendly environment. The owners are visible, involved, and extremely supportive of my daughter's dance dreams and goals. They enthusiastically seek out additional performance and training opportunities, as well as attend events and cheer dancers on! This same passion continues with the talented instructors who have instilled self-confidence in my daughter by providing quality dance instruction, promoting hard work, and offering many words of encouragement. Thank you for all the time and dedication you've provided to our family! ​My son loves the Hip-hop class and I really enjoy watching it too! It boosted his confidence and offered dance steps that appealed to boys in his age group!
Brooklynn started dance with TTPDA at the conception of TTPDA. What a fantastic place to dance, Brooklynn loves it. I have seen such growth in her confidence and her abilities as a dancer. As a mom, I am impressed with the complete package of To the Pointe; the amazing teachers, the directors, the variety of classes and activities, and the the directors attention to detail! Thank you for making our first years of dance successful and stress free for this non-dance mom! We are very thankful for TTPDA. This is Allison's first year of dance, and she loves it! We have seen a major increase in her self confidence since she started at TTPDA. Her teacher is a blessing!

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