This is the best darn studio ever!!
I wanted to take some time to send you all a THANK YOU as you are the ones who deserve it most. Two years ago, you all (Krystal, Angela and Kristie) took a chance. With a leap of faith (and I’m sure a huge one) and I’m sure a lot of support, you came together to build a beautiful dance foundation for the New Prague Community. What To The Pointe Dance Academy offers is more than dance, and I am happy to share. My daughter in two years, at the age of 6, has learned so much more than dancing with To The Pointe Dance Academy! She knows what it is to be a part of a team, to work hard, that practice makes perfect, that sometimes doing things we don’t like (curling her hair for hours for recitals) teaches us patience and appreciation. She knows self-confidence, poise, posture, she knows what it to feel scared and nervous and also what it is to be brave and overcome those feelings… and then knows what it is to feel proud and accomplished! Through the amazing work of her past Teachers (Angela and Tonya) She has learned how to listen, take direction, try new things, step out of her comfort zone, and TRUST. She continues to get better, but is wanting to learn more and do more – that is amazing to me. She dances around our house nightly, making up dances, doing her old dance routines, watching her dance videos, etc. I know in time all of her “technique” and “timing” will be there, but in the mean time I am continuously impressed with the strides her and this studio continue to make. She also knows how to give support to others, be mindful of others, be respectful of others, and how to be a contributor to our community. Most of these I could not have taught her alone. You have helped me, be the mom I want to be, by offering such great Service projects for her to do while I instill the importance behind them. With all of this said, the most important thing that To The Pointe Dance Academy has taught my daughter how to build relationships with others. I see her run up and hug all of these “people” some teachers, owners, parents, siblings, and other dancers young and old. My heart smiles knowing that she is surrounded with people that know her and care for her. She has had an amazing mentor and already talks about when she is older how she is excited to be a mentor too. This studio has implanted dance into her heart and for that, I am forever grateful. Even if dance is not in her long term future, it is right now… and it is helping her develop into a beautiful young girl with an appreciation for the art of dance. I cannot say enough to the three of you for all that you do. I can only imagine all of the around the clock hard work you must all do. Then to carry other jobs, be wives, moms and friends too – WOW! We are lucky to have you all! Just know that all your hard work does not go unnoticed and is GREATLY appreciated by mom’s like me who see what your studio has done for our daughters. You have truly given these girls and boys a “Home” in dance. For everything – THANK YOU!
I must say you guys are AWESOME at keeping us informed!! Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!
Hey gals, just wanted to say...having you there this weekend to help and support us moms and dancers of Amaze and Escalate was comforting. I love what you have created with To The Pointe Dance Academy. We wouldn't want to be anywhere else...
Thanks again for all your hard work over the weekend. Im so proud of all the girls..Some amazing memories were made. We couldn't have done it without all of you.

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